Wednesday, May 15, 2013

San Diego Fire Sprinkler 5 Year Tests & Certification

San Diego Fire Sprinkler Certification

In San Diego your business or company may have to comply with San Diego fire codes, rules, and regulations. In compliance with these fire codes you may be required to have fire sprinkler systems certified every 5 years. This service and maintenance will include tests, inspections and any necessary repairs of your automatic fire protection systems including fire sprinklers, wet pipe, dry pipe, deluge, and pre action systems, fire hose cabinets, plus on site fire hydrants, alarm and supervisory equipment attached to those systems.

San Diego Fire Sprinkler 5 Year Test & Inspections | Title 19

Each State has its own requirements, rules and fire code regulations. In California Title 19, Health and Safety Codes, NFPA, and possibly the City of San Diego Fire Codes may require you as a business owner to have your fire sprinkler system tested and inspected every 5 years by a State licensed fire sprinkler company in San Diego.
Having a properly functioning fire protection system, is not only required in most commercial buildings, but if you have fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, fire hydrants and/or fire suppression systems may help you qualify for discounts from your insurance company and/or fire hazard insurance provider. Contact your insurance or fire hazard insurance provider for details.
The tests and inspections that are completed in your 5 year fire sprinkler certification or Title 19 helps to ensure that your installed sprinkler system is properly working, there to help save lives and always helping prevent the devastating effects of fire.
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